Public sector

Projects and concepts of network

Implementation of the project and the concept of network, ranging from inventory of the designated area (in order to obtain necessary information) to implementation of final project (with taking all possible solutions into account).

Comprehensive assistance with EU projects

Comprehensive assistance in the implementation of EU projects, ranging from the design and the concept of network, PFU, the application for funding, to the implementation of a specific project and a full settlement of an application.

Application for funding

Comprehensive preparation of the funding application for the appropiate administration unit, along with monitoring of the application and possible supplement.


Preparation of PFU (Functional-utility program) with providing of the full support during the realization of investment.

Construction and modernization of access networks and telecommunication infrastructure

Construction, modernization and replacement of telecommunication and access networks. Possibility of placement of the temporary infrastructure, to avoid any connection interruptions during the project implementation.

Construction and modernization of surveillance network

Construction, modernization, replacement of surveillance infrastructure, implementation to already existing network.

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